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Custom and Off-Grid Systems

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Custom and Off-Grid Systems

Custom Energy Storage Solutions

Pacific Energy specializes in creating innovative and efficient energy storage systems. We know that sometimes an application does not fit into a predefined category, and a custom solution is needed. We encourage you to contact us with your potential storage application, and we can help refine and design an advanced energy storage system that works for you.

Contact us at ztaylor@pacificenergyinc.com or by phone at (951) 588-1642

Off Grid

Sometimes it is not a viable option to connect electrical loads to a central power grid. This can be due to size, location, or cost. A microgrid is a smaller networks of power generation and loads that is not directly grid-connected. They range from a few kilowatts to megawatts in size.

Energy storage can be particularly useful in off-grid and microgrid systems. Especially if they rely on diesel generators and/or solar energy. Energy storage can be used to store energy from PV for use during the night when it is often needed most. It can also be used in conjunction with a diesel generator to reduce emissions and lower fuel costs. Whatever your off-grid application, Pacific Energy can work with you to create a safe, cost effective, and efficient solution.



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