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Grid Optimized (GO) PV/Storage Systems
Get the best use of your PV system by getting the power you need, when you need it.
Excess energy from the peak solar hours can be stored and used anytime day or night. Energy storage can also be used to fill in gaps in power production caused by weather anomalies like clouds. Our GO PV creates cost-effective, robust, efficient, and reliable solar farms.
30-100kW Modules (can be stacked for higher power)
Generator Hybridization Energy Storage Trailers
Save money by optimizing generator power with energy storage.
Coupling energy storage with mobile generator power allows the generator to be used more efficiently by storing extra energy when the generator is on. The generator can then be turned off early, reducing fuel costs and noise pollution. Can also be used as a mobile energy storage module in non-generator systems.
30-150kWh Trailers
Custom and Off Grid Solutions
Stationary energy storage systems can be used to lower electricity bills, improve power quality, and reduce demand charges.
Pacific Energy can provide custom battery systems designed for your specific application. These designs include energy storage, power electronics, and custom algorithms specifically designed to save you money and energy. Our staff can design, model, and optimize systems with solar, energy storage, AC loads, DC loads, and generators. As always our systems are designed with reliability, efficiency, and low cost in mind.



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